I live in Darwin at the northern tip of Central Australia. It's tropical, remote, a little bit wild, full of creatures friendly and deadly and is surrounded by amazing country.
The perfect place to be really, as i try to find my way.
Moments worth noting is a collection of images from the journey...enjoy.

( All images are original & taken by me. Please observe copyright and retain credit if reflagging.)

moments worth noting turned 3 today!

Big Love and thank you to everyone who supports my photography, the new followers and everyone who’s been around since the beginning.

Photography pumps through my blood. I live and breathe this love of mine and even though sometimes this journey seems long and tough, when I take the time to stop and look back on my progression I know I’m on the right track.

Cheers to all the moments worth noting to come.

Real People. Real Moments. Real Beauty.

Lisa x


Anonymous asked:
Ashcan is quite hard to describe. It's mainly taking aesthetically beautiful photos of depressing and broken things. A broken gate, or an alleyway where tramps sleep for example. It's quite interesting if you look into it. I mainly take the photos so I can paint them. I find it interesting because I do not know anybody else in darwin that has a tumblr blog.

wow i’ve never heard of it but i will do some research now!

There are a few Darwin tumblr blogs about but it is always nice to find more. well maybe one day you’ll release some of your images publicly.

i’d love to see some Darwin ashcan images.

Anonymous asked:
I do a bit of photography, mainly Ashcan/alternative stuff. I wouldn't say I am a professional. I don't particularly like my blog being in the open, as I only have the one and it's private. Very interesting that you live in darwin, what part? I live in Lyons myself, but I am moving to Alawa soon.

ok cool. what’s Ashcan? (forgive my ignorance) why do you find it interesting i live in Darwin? i’m in the northern suburbs also.

Anonymous asked:
I'm not looking for anyone to take photos, I was just wondering where in the NT you were located. I am also in Darwin. I heard of you through my friend Harrison Cable, do you know him? Anon from the other day

yeah i know Harry! good photographer i love his shots.

Do you shoot? why the anon?

Anonymous asked:
What part of the NT are you located in?

Hi! Thanks for your question.

I’m based in Darwin but i travel all over. Are you in the NT? Looking to shoot?